This is E Priyanka, I am from Andhra Pradesh pursuing Production and Industrial Engineering at NIT Kurukshetra and here I am to share my experience of studying for JEE during the pandemic.

In January, I heard that Coronavirus has started spreading wild around the world, and during that time I am preparing for my JEE Mains and 12th Board exams.

As a normal student, I wished that my board exams should be canceled or postponed which were scheduled at that time but, by God’s grace, I faired well in my board exams.

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Interestingly, the very next day of my board exam our honorable Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh announced that due to this Covid-19, all schools and colleges should be closed.

I am very happy at that time thinking, I could prepare for my JEE Mains and be in the clouds.

Just imagine my happiness but it couldn’t last, because one thing has struck my mind that how could I prepare for my JEE Mains when they were no classes and I was terrified.

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Fortunately, during this covid-19 pandemic, Gradeup assisted me a lot seamlessly. This online platform guided me during this pandemic period, mentors supported me with good advice, conducted mock tests that lifted my confidence levels in attempting practice tests daily, and finally my sincere thanks to Gradeup to be an NITian.

In my experience behind my every success from my childhood, my parent’s role is very crucial. I would like to share this credit to my loving parents who supported and encouraged me throughout my preparation by providing all the facilities I required.

With all these efforts, finally I secured a seat in NIT Kurukshetra. When this information is shared with all my family members by my parents and to my friends initially, they could not believe this because they all know that I am an average student in my class. After writing my JEE Mains, no one has a belief that I could get a seat in NIT Kurukshetra.

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For me, I have new experiences at that time, literally during this journey of JEE I used to take sleep around 4 hours a day, and after my JEE Mains, during the break time, I had a great time with my family and exposed to new technologies. At the outset, I want to share that my life is on the smooth path and generally people think it’s a fate in getting JEE rank but it is incorrect, it depends upon your hard work.

I strictly believe that “HARDWORK NEVER FAILS” which driven me into this success by the Grace of God for giving me strength, good health, and knowledge.

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I am very happy when the dates of JEE Main in July got extended to September, I use to have a mind map for further preparation to score better in JEE, I never had a backup plan When the results were out, I was super excited for my counseling to start and at the same time, I was in an ambiguity, whether I will get the seat or not through JEE rank but social media helped me to analyze the rank and prediction of colleges through JEE rank.

Finally, I got a seat in NIT Kurukshetra to do my Engineering with the blessings of Almighty God, continuous support of my beloved parents, and online GradeUp.

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After completion of my counseling process and joining the NIT Kurukshetra, I heard about the I AM AN NITAN page and few seniors helped me to provide information about it. I feel like, I got an extended family, I met new students through this page, I am learning something new every day through this page, I got few friends too and finally thanks to the I AM AN NITAN Team for guiding me.

I am excited about my college life. But due to this Covid-19 pandemic, my college life started through virtual college.

I learned how to interact with people from different places and towns through virtual college, I am learning a lot of new things like interaction, helping my classmates, etc, through virtual college.

To the future aspirants, I would like to say one thing, remember, time is very precious. In the journey of JEE preparation, you may do a lot of mistakes. Initially, we should have a MIND MAP how to study and the time schedule for your study, that is time management. “Timing is everything” in JEE and a major part of your preparation must be focused on improving the speed of solving the question, Make a time table and distribute it equally to all the subjects.

Attempt as many as mock tests and it will increase your confidence, Mock tests are a great way to test your all-around learning outcomes. When we test ourselves, we can perfect our strengths and also work on improving our weak areas.

The goal to get into IITs or NITs is a hefty one, but with the right strategy and preparation, the above tips can help you to create a personalized plan that will surely help you to achieve the best result which can be achieved only by hard work hard.

Finally, ALL THE BEST …



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