This is Sadhvika , 2020 JEE aspirant. Let me share my experience of giving JEE in pandemic with you , now get ready to experience an emotional roller coaster which I’ve experienced .Now imagine yourself in my shoes and let’s start the journey. It all started with the outbreak of corona virus and the irony was, I was having board exams at the same time so I was hoping that the exams would be cancelled just as any normal teenager would wish for but God wanted the other way or maybe corona wanted it.

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                      Finally we have successfully completed our board exams in Andhra Pradesh and the very next day our honorable Chief minister announced the news of closing down the schools and junior Colleges , now I was on cloud nine and I’m sure you could imagine my happiness as we could be on same level. But my happiness couldn’t last for more time when I remembered about JEE. When NTA announced the postponement of JEE , I can say I had a mere heart attack (it was sarcasm). But thanks to my family for the encouragement they’ve provided me especially my mom, I can say . She made sure that I was not disheartened at any moment and this credit is also shared by my coaching centre especially my mentors , who made sure that I wrote practice test literally every day. With all those efforts which are made by people around me , I’m finally able to study in NIT Raipur.

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                                          The pandemic can be a boon or a bane according to your perspective and efforts you put in. For me it was both as I’ve had experienced many things meanwhile , like literally after 2 years of coaching I was able to spend time with my family. So I think life is a fair game , it just depends on which side of coin you are seeing. But I won’t lie , I was literally happy when the dates in July were extended to September , as I had a good vision of my preparation , you know what I mean . I never had a back up plan cause I never imagined my failure in JEE and I think it is what that helped me to succeed. When the results were out , I was super excited for the counselling process to start but at the same time , I was also at a loss of thoughts about it. But thanks to the I AM AN NITIAN page and all the seniors who’ve lend their hand when we needed them the most. I got a new family from it , I met many people who were on the same page as me and of course some other people who guided me through the dark times.

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                                 I’m still excited for the college life . This virtual college life made me realise , how important it is to interact with people. The bright side of this situation is that you can get to know people for who they are and not from how they present themselves physically.

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 To the future aspirants , I would say just to remember one thing that when you made mistakes during preparation so did your friend , when you’re tensed about exam so is your friend. I just want you to remember that you are on same page as your competitors even if you are not , this Idea will give you confidence which will ultimately help you to crack exam . JEE is not about the syllabus or practice, it is all about your confidence when you are confronted by a easy question in the disguise of the hardest one. Finally….

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