It would be strange to hear about Studying Engineering through the Hindi medium, But it’s gonna be 100 percent true soon. Yes, Motilal Nehru National Institute of Technology (MNNIT) becomes the first NIT that will provide the option of studying through the Hindi medium to the newcomers in all Btech branches from the upcoming academic session. Perhaps this will be the first time that engineering will be taught in Hindi at the National Institute of Technology.

Preparations have already started in MNNIT Allahabad to start Engineering course in Hindi. Students will have the option to choose any medium in English or Hindi in their First Year. Students in BTech first year will be able to study in Hindi or English medium. But from BTech second year, they will have to study BTech in English only.

Prof. Rajiv Tripathi, Director MNNIT Allahabad has held a meeting with experts for this. Proff. Tripathi said that, “This step will benefit the students of Hindi medium coming from rural background and their troubles will be overcome to a great extent by the option of doing B.Tech first year through Hindi or English medium“. On the other hand, The director clarified that translation of technical terms of the syllabus is not required. Students can write them both in English or Hindi.

English coaching classes will be given separately
Students doing B.Tech from Hindi in the first year will be given English coaching. The director said that, “The English of those students will be strengthened through coaching for a whole year. With which they can complete engineering studies with English from their second year along with BTech

Do Let us know your view over this in comment section. Whats your opinion over this. Shall this be implemented in all NITs or shall be scrapped ?


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