Hi. Myself Anurag Saikia,19,residing in Jalukbari ,Guwahati ,Assam. Currently I am studying ECE(1st year) at NIT Silchar. I passed my 12 boards from Maharishi Vidya Mandir-IV, Guwahati. I like watching sports and playing cricket and football. I also like to play video games. I also like to dance and act, but I wont say I am good at it.

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                                2020 was supposed to be one of the most important year of my life. I was going to give my 12 boards as well as the JEE. These two exams were going to decide my academic future. It started with the January attempt of JEE Mains. I was really tensed for this exam. I was prepared to a satisfactory level but still exams always bring fear (and when the exam is jee mains fear shoots to another level). My January attempt went decent. I scored 96.7 percentile. I knew I could have done better but still since there was another attempt left so as a first attempt I was satisfied. JEE mains gone now next target was the 12 boards.

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                                            As I have already studied for JEE Maths, Chemistry and Physics didn’t pose much problem in my boards preparation. But English and Physical education were a nuisance. Also as after the end of my boards( 21st March) I was “supposed to” get only 2 weeks for my April Mains preparation( it was going to be held from 5th to 11th April) so I prepared for JEE simultaneously with my boards. Preparation went well. In PCM I studied those topics which I had skipped for the January attempt and strengthened those topics which I had already studied. Also preparation for English and Phy education didn’t went as much bad as I had expected it to be. But still ignorance to these two subjects which I had shown in these 2 years was clearly showing. Still somehow I grinded through these 2 subjects and boards went well. On march 8, there was my chemistry exam and on march 18 my maths exam. And between these 10 days something happened that changed the whole of 2020. CORONA STRUCK INDIA.

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                         Corona cases started rising. During my maths exam, there was sanitizer on everyone’s desk, mask on everyone’s face and social distancing  was maintained. I just saw the trailer of the movie that was 2020. My   Computer science exam on 21st got postponed and eventually cancelled. The April JEE mains was also hanging. On 24th March Modiji announced nationwide lockdown and JEE mains was also postponed but the new date was not announced. Many (including me) thought this corona will end within like 3 weeks and we will have our JEE at the end of April (how wrong were we!).

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                                              So lockdown started. Before that, on 22nd march thali beating occurred. I was a little upset on JEE getting postponed as I had prepared quite well for the exam. Most topics were covered. Also good marks were coming in the mock tests that I gave. So I wanted to give mains before this momentum dies. Rumours were coming that mains could be postponed till the end of may. I didn’t believed this and thought that it will happen at the end of April( as mentioned earlier). So I continued studying and taking mock tests. But soon(during mid April)it was confirmed that mains will be held at the end of May if the situation permits. And thus my break began.

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                                                            I was enjoying this time away from books. My life was all about youtube, web series and video games now. I also started playing chess again and also learnt how to cook. April went like this only. But as May started I started my studies again. But then another news dropped. JEE mains was going to be held in mid July and Advanced in August. And then a break started which ultimately proved to be a great bane in my JEE preparation. The whole month of May I kept away from books. I was enjoying this life. And by the time I restarted my studies in June, that fire inside me was gone. It was getting difficult for me to concentrate like before. I was studying just for the sake of doing it.

Somehow I kept myself together and did my preparation throughout June. But as July started another bomb dropped. JEE wiil be now held in the month of September instead. I became irritated and frustrated. I was tired of these delays and tired of studying the same things again and again. I just wanted this exam to end. July also went like may- full enjoyment and little study. Also my boards result came in July. I got 94.4 percentage which I didn’t expect at all. I was happy, my parents were happier. July passed like this and again when august came, I studied but had no interest in it. That energy was just gone. Then JEE mains and advanced happened in September. It went decent. I was just happy the exams ended.

                                                  So in that way, the pandemic proved to be a total bane in my JEE preparation. The constant delays and the uncertainties just made me tired and frustrated. I lost interest in studies and just pushed myself over the September attempt. But my coaching classes were right there to help  me throughout my preparation. Whenever I had any doubt I just whatsapped them or called them and they were there to help me. Also our teachers held few video calls to check on all the students- how our lives are going, how is our preparation going and to motivate us. They were really helpful in those tough times and I am truly grateful to them. Thank You all my teachers. And of course my parents were there for me like they always had been. They never put pressure on me. They,like me, were also irritated on the constant shift of dates of the exams. They just told me to enjoy my life and study when I really wanted to do it. They were the main reason I was able to prepare during august despite having no proper interest in doing so.

                                                                  So that was my jee preparation during the pandemic. The lockdown,apart from the studies, went quite well for me. I learnt to cook, drive, started playing chess again(as mentioned earlier) among other things.

                     So September ended. Jee ended. Now I was waiting for the results and after that the counselling process. To be honest, I was not really tensed about not getting a seat as even if my September results comes bad, my January result was enough to get me a seat. So I didn’t had any other plans if I don’t get a seat at JOSAA. Results came. Got 96.55 percentile in jee mains and 114 marks and around 11k rank in jee advanced. I had no real reaction to this. I was just disappointed at how much better I could have done if had the exams happened in April or even may. But now nothing could be done. So instead of thinking about this result much and bothering myself, I looked forward. My parents also didn’t say anything much.

                                               So the counselling process started. Initially I had difficulties understanding the process but there was an IITIAN bhaiyya who lived near my house and he helped me with the process. I submitted my choices and the seat allocation process started. I got ECE at NIT Silchar at the 1st round. I clicked on float option hoping to get CSE. But after 4 rounds I understood that I ain’t getting CSE. So I froze my seat at the 4th round. So finally I had my new college and new branch. I was excited to start my new life but also disappointed that I won’t get to go to college and had to do at least my 1st semester from home.

                                                 My classes started on December 3 and till now it has been an okay experience. Sitting all day infront of the laptop does make it tiring and boring. Also since the teachers had to complete the syllabus of 1st  semester in 3-4 months instead of the 5-6 months they got earlier, the schedule is very tiring. But now nothing can be done so I am setting myself up for 2-3 months of more virtual classes. Overall I am happy and satisfied at NIT Silchar and proud that my hardwork has helped me to get a seat in such a prestigious college.

                               And lastly, my advice for future aspirants will be just that enjoy life, enjoy studies and never let that fire inside you to crack JEE die because once its gone its very difficult to get it back.                                                            


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