NIT Hamirpur: An Engineer’s Paradise


Entering into the lush green campus in the lap of nature after the tireless efforts of two year can definitely make you feel relaxed when you breathe in the freshness of the atmosphere. This divinity lies in the 2nd most beautiful college, NIT Hamirpur. Away from the city rush and pollution you can definitely feel heaven here, heaven because it’s in “devbhoomi” that is Himachal. To endure the beauty of the campus it’s located far from the main city Hamirpur. Students can safely roam outside the college too.

The infrastructure of the college is commendable with tapered roofs, white buildings and green tops,   one side and forest view on the other. Though the journey to lecture hall from hostel is quite tiring but with friends, it’s a small road-trip. Amazingly cool weather with an unexpected arrival of rain has many stories to tell.

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The faculty of all the departments is quite experienced and encouraging. They are well qualified in their areas and they encourage students to develop a rationale mind and not just to rely on textbooks. They keep on teaching us to learn a portion and then try to do it practically. The lab assistants are quite cheerful as they never get irritated by the silliest doubt. Some of them even forgive us for damaging any lab apparatus too.

Our labs are well equipped with all the fundamental as well as the advanced equipment and the lab duration of 3hrs is quite sufficient for us to engage ourselves to understand to the fullest.

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After a hectic day well spent in lecture hall and labs now the time comes to spend time with our friends. The evening walks form gate no. 1 across the bridge to the O.A.T to witness the sun showing its magic in going down those mighty mountains covered with snow glittering like gold is amazing. There are many spots inside the campus where you can hangout with your friends and have stomach full of food at a very reasonable price.

The hostel facility is quite great and the wardens, assistant wardens and attendants are quite co-operating. They are quite aware of our needs and they act accordingly. Timely there are general house meetings in which warden discusses the problems with us so that our hostel stay is comfortable. All the rooms are well equipped with LAN ports and switch board. There is the availability of free Wi-Fi with a good speed. In some hostels we have gyms too. The window view of our rooms is quite amazing with tress all over with snow covered mountains. We have nurses too residing in the hostel to give us instant aid and also the facility of 24 hours ambulance service.

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The mess is good and the mess committee keeps the menu updating too timely. The mess workers are also co-operating and they always try to maintain the hygiene of both mess & the food. The mess cooks both vegetarian as well as the non-vegetarian delight and on special occasions they cook a traditional Himachali dish “Dhaam”. Special lunch and dinner arrangements are made for those people who keep fast for Navratri and other special occasions.

Placements are overall good as many MNCs and PSUs come to give job offers. Thanks to mass recruiters for increasing placement percentage.

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The fests are quite well organised with pre fest events too. Our cultural fest is Hill’ffair and technical one is Nimbus. Students are quite enthusiastic to attend these events and students from outside too come to attend our fests. The work of these fests is quite organised as many clubs are formed for the smooth functioning of the fest. These clubs are one of the ways of increasing senior junior relation. Seniors are like something with whom covalent bonds can be made that last for lifetime. They are quite helpful, friendly, always clears the doubts and off course parties and treats.

Rules are made for the proper and smooth working of an institution and also regarding the safety of the students of 1st year. The in timings of both boys and girls is quite strict in the 1st year. But later on, as the situation is good and the students are well organised then there is a bit leniency in the in-timings.

Our library is well equipped with the books of all courses from beginner to advanced level. one can find a book in minutes using the smart software system there which keeps the record of the availability of the book. There is a reading hall too where students can find peace and study well. We even have a common Computer Centre with a good internet connectivity.

The JOSSA cut offs for other states open category are quite high for top branches and end at 27k for the open category. Home state takes cut-off till 5 lakhs plus depending upon branch, gender and category.

Most of the hostels have badminton courts and table tennis equipped but for other fitness purposes we have our college grounds where we can play volleyball, cricket, football, lawn tennis and basketball. The institute also organises inter branch matches to encourage more players.

The alumni network is fine and we are well connected with them through LinkedIn or other social media. They even fund us for our fest too.

Lastly to discover yourself and spend quality time with our buddies we can plan an affordable weekend trip to Manali, Shimla, Kullu, Prashar, Dharmshala and many more that no other NIT can offer.



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